AMEA Testimonials

We congratulate Petrosil on a wonderful Conference. Substantively, it was exceptional in its diversity and expertise of the Petroleum Industry. It has been a great platform to grow our business substantially and make best of the business connects to strive in the industry. The drive and dedication with which Petrosil has worked towards hosting the AMEA events was beyond my expectations. Your commitment to work brings the best result. Ecos Dailyway LLP group has been a potential upcoming player in the petroleum industry. Petrosil events help us gather like-minded individuals from across the country or across the globe, to learn, discuss thoughts, network, share ideas, create new ideas, and to ignite motivation. Thank you Mr. Riaz!

"No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others." —Alfred North Whitehead

Mr. Eshan Jain
Ecos Dailyway LLP Group

Petrosil has been amazingly collaborative and pro-active in ensuring that the best of minds in the industry connect frequently via AMEA events. This enables for intellectual discussions with the bright people. AMEA Mumbai 2022, has been a great event and we look forward to more such events. OfBusiness group has been a vital player in the Petroleum products and chemical industry. Petrosil events enable us to meet the right set of buyers across the world and discuss issues befitting for improvements in the global supply chain. Thank you team Petrosil for the unending efforts in bringing the world closer to us.

Mr. Aksh Bhardwaj
OfBusiness Group

This was the 4th time we participated in your conferences/exhibitions, which shows the importance that your events play for us. And again it was not only about networking between existing customers and faces but also a chance to meet many new players. We were able to place orders at the spot and had follow up meetings after the conference. Good turnout for us and we will be looking forward to your next AMEA event.

Mr. Sipan
Business Development Manager,
Majd Al Iraq

RDR Energy always put a premium on initiative and willingness to learn among other players in the market and AMEA conference never failed to deliver on both fronts. We are honored to be always sponsored of the fellow-feeling togetherness held by AMEA. We are thankful to those who chose us to be their reliable supplier. RDR will always welcome new players with an open arms to support them.

RDR Energy

Wataniya Group was honored to participate in and sponsor recent AMEA conferences. Participants represent a great value in terms of networking and sharing latest data statistics. Thank you for organizing these successfully and we look forward for future events.

Mr. Farhad Zandi
Business Development Manager,
Wataniya Bitumen and Oil Refinery

SMVS and VEVELON team enjoyed participating in AMEA 2021. The conference was an interesting platform to meet, network and prepare paths for new businesses. Thanks to Petrosil for this well-organized conference and connecting the Dots of an Evolving Global Bitumen Market!

Mr. Richard
Managing Director, SMVS

6th AMEA Base oil and Bitumen was very well organized with good scale and perfect relations. People were very friendly, companies went out of their way to create networking opportunities. Thank you so much for all your thoughtful and effective organization.

Mr. Mohammadreza Mousavi
Karsan Hatra

I am very glad that I was part of the 6th AMEA Bitumen Conference. It was a great experience to participate in the good - organizing event. For sure, lots of efforts have been behind this. In special I am grateful for all cooperation of the conference holders, Riaz Lawyer, Dhireh Shah and Arun Pandya and their colleagues. I hope to see you all in 7th AMEA.

Ms. Nasim Ghazizadeh
Faraz Oil

The 6th AMEA Bitumen, Dubai gave us an excellent platform to meet many Bitumen suppliers under one roof. All the who's who of the Bitumen industry were there. The conference was very well organized with several exhibitors old and new.

Mr. Prateek Jhajharia
Madhusudan Organics

6th AMEA Bitumen conference was a momentous event with strong and effective networking. We are proud to be Associate Sponsors and are glad to have participated in this event.

Mr. Hamed Hatami
Oxin Trade Int

6th AMEA Bitumen was a great event and we are proud to be associated with you. Thank you for organizing such a Conference and Exhibition. It was a big success! We look forward to participating at future Petrosil and AMEA Events!

Mr. Prashant Garg
PP Softtech

Thank you Petrosil Group for organizing the 6th AMEA Bitumen Conference and Exhibition in Dubai. It was a great event and it was a pleasure to meet more than 500 Industry Participants at the Conference.

Ms. Malahat Peyvandi
Bitumen Hormoz Pars (BHP)

AMEA was great. Thanks Petrosil for arranging it. UNKA SUN FAMILY was honored to be part of the latest AMEA Conference, it was a great opportunity to visualize our capabilities. I want to tell you that, Gathering the Right People at the Right Place, and Mixing Business Opportunities as Family Under One Roof is Not Easy, But you Made It Happen Successfully.

Ms. Snur

The event is a valuable opportunity for new entrants and established names alike to further their influence in the market, get good insight into the market situation, tie new business relationships and seal new deals.

Mr Arkan Saeed
Executive Director, Majd Al Iraq

Thank you for hosting such a wonderful conference. It was a pleasure to be part of this event.

Mr Hareesh Nalam
Senior Consultant, Energy, Kline

The 4th AMEA Conference was a good gathering as many main players of the market participated. We appreciate Petrosil for the well organized forum and their assistance, cooperation and support for us during the conference.

Siahfam Holding Team

The 4th AMEA Bitumen and Base Oil Conference was one of the best events I have ever attended!

Ms. Taravat Peyvandi
Fara Shimi Rooz

The 4th AMEA Bitumen and Base Oil event was a great Conference and the first time so many Middle East suppliers attended a Conference in India..Great Networking!

Mr Hemal Kotak
Kotak Asphalt

On behalf of Wataniya Group, I would like to appreciate Petrosil’s outstanding contribution in the latest AMEA conference held in Mumbai-India also opportunity to Wataniya Group, presenting our capabilities. The numbers of high standard participants and also the organizations of the whole program were efficient enough to satisfy our desires. Your plentiful efforts resulted in a high quality level conference are highly appreciated.

Mr Farhad Zandi
Watniya Group

Such a well-established and carefully organized conference which made plenty of opportunities to meet with heavy-hitters in the industry and prospective customers and also provided us with chances to brush up on the latest know-how.

Mr Ali Joshaghani
Pasargad Oil

Thank you for the really good and effective AMEA Bitumen conference. Hope to expand business relation with India and Gentlemen like you.

It was fruitful. We enjoyed ourselves & could find good business relationships.

Mr Ahmad Reza Yousefi and Ms Niloofar Talaei
Infinity Galaxy

It was wonderful to meet you at AMEA Conference. Many congratulations on a highly successful conference organized by your group. Looking forward to doing business together.

Mr R K Mehra
Ex ED BPC & Strategic Advisor Gulf Petro

Great job by Petrosil, Right people at the right place, looking forward to your next event

Mr Aydin Tehrani
Akam Energy Commercial Group

It was indeed a privilege & honour to speak to over 200 delegates from all over the globe. It was also very satisfying to address technical experts, traders, businessmen, infrastructure experts etc and answer their queries. I hope such endeavours will continue with more vigour. Thanks all for participation.

Mr R S Sisodia
Indian Oil Corporation

This was one of the best organized conferences I have attended. Very professional and the topics covered/ presented by speakers were relevant. The venue was also Excellent. Thanks to Petrosil for organizing the same.

Mr Vijay Kharche

Thanks for organizing and arranging this important conference. It has an important impact on our marketing and communication with most companies in India. We appreciate that.

Mr Shaho O. Mahmood
Frontier Bitumen Company

It was a pleasure for me to speak in AMEA 2017. Honestly it was one the best conference that I attended. As the market of India is important for us please send me all of the Bitumen presentations.

Mr S.Behnnam
JEY Oil Refining Co.

It has been a wonderful experience working with you and team in the bitumen conference. I look forward to contributing to such seminars in the future also. Thanking you once again.

Mr Debatosh Roy
Innovative Infratech

Thanks for organizing the AMEA event. I have a great experience staying at Mumbai and join your event. Thank you very much for your assistance. Look forward to your next event and continuous support.

Mr Jeff Liang
Bravo Tanker Services Limited

Thank you for organizing this conference and inviting me to be a speaker for AMEA Base Oil 2017. We will be happy to make your next conference stronger in case any presentation is needed about Russia and CIS markets.

Mr Denis Varaksin
DYM Resources

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